Wrapper for linking diverse data sources.

Unique, AI aided, automatic access to sets of data sources, equipping the next Internet generation, the ability to link multiple databases to find all the information in a standard way.

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What is IoTWrap ?

IoTWrap is the CTME proposal to solve the problem with diversification in the characteristics of data sources.

The objective is to design a wrapper -using artificial intelligence techniques to define their internal schema and relationships- that covers different data sources to be displayed in a single access interface.

The achievement of the project will be thanks to the work of the Software Engineering Department in Fundación CTME.

What do we offer in this project?



Autonomous detection of foreign keys that allows automatic linking of different data sources.

Unique interface

A single interface that automatically allows communication and information extraction from multiple data set sources.


Continuous self-learning ability by using Artificial Intelligence techniques.

Easy to use

Easy to apply in other applications (eg ChatBots, Search, mobile app).

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This project has been presented to the NLNet Call on June 1, 2020.